Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 1: Still going strong!

Hi everyone!

Firstly, let me say THANK YOU to my followers so far. It’s great to log on and see people sharing some personal experiences and offering advice. Helps me a lot!

So Yesterday I completed my second day of this lifestyle change :) I think it will get better as time goes because I am actually starting to like it! :o To answer Christina's questions, yes I am following weight watchers but do not attend meetings. I have 30 points that I eat in a day and log everything I eat. I am drinking ALOT of water and it seems I leave my desk for the bathroom every 5 mins. I am trying to incorporate more fiber in my diet. The fiber bar I just finished has 8 grams...which is pretty good for one snack. I checked the other ingredients (sugar, sodium, fat) and all levels were very low. Maybe that’s why it tasted so dry! What are some other good meals with fiber?

Exercise is a hard thing for me to get into. I truly DISLIKE it. I lack the motivation...and can't seem to find anything that is fun to do. I get bored easily. I love dancing...but all the clubs around me are so expensive and full of amazing, athletic dancers :s Anyone know of some fun exercises to do? I do have a pass to the gym but never go anymore. I know it is bad. I do park about 15mins from work and walk to work and back…also at lunch I walk with a girl in the office… it’s something right?

Also, I may need to eat out tonight!! Which is scaring me…and I am scared of ordering something I am craving. We are only going to Denny’s but still…breakfast is so a weakness. Anyone know what I can order that isn’t too bad but tastes good?

I must say though, overall, this is the first time I think I might stick to my lifestyle change! I usually start one feeling confident and assured I will be a successful but I always fail. This time I started, I so did not want to! But it is weird…I am actually not having the cravings or temptations as bad as I have had before.

Still going strong!!


  1. Great job on the water drinking! Your body will adjust soon so you won't have to make quite as many bathroom visits. As for the exercise, if you have a pass to a gym, USE it!!! Start with 10-20 minutes. Hop on the treadmill or bike or elliptical and give it a shot. Make sure you break a sweat and feel your heart rate go up. Once you're tired, stop for that day. Then, do it all over again the next day. Add five minutes. Also, if your gym offers classes, ask if you can sit in on one and see if it interests you. If it does, try it out.

    Eating out is scary but you can do it. First of all, whatever you order, only eat half. Take the other half home for leftovers tomorrow or pour salt on it so you won't eat it. If you're going to look at breakfast, look for the leaner options like egg whites, turkey bacon, fruit, or an omelet.

    I love your confidence, but know that realistically, we may have our downfalls. The important thing is don't let one bad meal turn into two bad meals or a bad day or a bad week or a bad month, year, etc. Grin and bear it and move on.

    Stay strong!

  2. My "go to" eat out meal... grilled plain chicken breast and a side of steamed veggies. Filling, good and totally within my point system. Once I give in to anything its like the damn has been openned and its BAD!